We launched a new system that you need to know about!
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The Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion™ sectional matrix system is easily the most versatile and simplest to use system we’ve ever created.
  • The world’s first wide prep ring makes tough restorations faster and better.
  • Rings are easier to open, so no more struggling.
  • No more spring-off as all rings now have an Ultra-Grip™ technology.
  • Improved stacking ability for MOD’s/multi-tooth restorations.
Included in the full system (FX-KFF-10):
   1. Short, tall, and wide prep separator rings.
   2. Drop-forged ring placement forceps.
   3. Ultra-adaptive wedges.
   4. Full curve matrix bands.

   *FX-KFF-11 kit also includes 1 Composi-Tight® Matrix Forceps and 1 Multi-Function Composite Instrument
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